Supporting Agribusiness
and Tourism Activities
in Khatlon and GBAO


The Eligible Beneficiaries of the Grant Program and Eligible Products, Works and Services that can be financed by the Grant Program is listed in this Section.

Eligibility of Beneficiaries

For Grants

Eligible beneficiaries of the grants to improve tourism and agribusiness infrastructure and develop local tourism attractions include:

  • Municipalities - local government bodies including local representative bodies of state power and local executive bodies of state power.
  • Communities, defined as Jamoat, a self-governing body of villages, which is elected by voters of villages and resolves issues of local importance within its competence.
  • Not-for-profit organizations defined as voluntary, self-governing, non-profit association of citizens or legal entities, united based on common interests to achieve the goals specified in the charter.

Beneficiaries can present their application jointly, but one of the beneficiaries must be the lead and a grant agreement may be signed between the PIU and the lead organization.

For Matching Grants

Eligible beneficiaries of the matching grants are the following MSMEs and entrepreneurs that operate in the tourism, agribusiness, and related hospitality sectors:

  • Formally registered individual farmers:
    • without forming a legal entity.
    • with the formation of a legal entity.
  • Formally registered farmers’ groups, or associations:
    • Simple partnership.
    • Cooperative.
  • Formally registered Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) that work in the tourism, agribusiness, or other related sectors.
  • Formally registered individual entrepreneurs that work in the tourism, agribusiness, or other related sectors:
    • with the formation of a legal entity.
    • without forming a legal entity.
  • Artists defined as an individual operating on the basis of a patent, Government Resolution #451from 31.08.2012.
  • Crafters defined by the Law on Craft #1619 from 20.06.2019, Article 1, as an individual possessing skill, craftsmanship, knowledge and (or) professional specialization, engaged in craftsmanship.
  • Associations and formally registered groups of these registered entrepreneurs and MSMEs.
  • Tour Operators – all tour operators that can be identified since they obtain their license from CTD under the Government of Tajikistan.
  • Registered start-ups are eligible for matching grants financing.
  • The informal sector will not be supported by the matching grants. Potential informal beneficiaries can apply to the matching grants and be supported by the matching grant program if they become formal. The grant enablers could support their formalization process.

Ownership requirement: The MSMEs supported under the Grant Program will have to have domestic majority ownership (50.1% or more) and should not have received funding for goods, works and services to be financed by the matching grants from other sources. The ownership of the groups or associations must be also majority (50.1% or more) domestic.

Other Eligibility Requirements

Geographic Location: The projects financed by the grants and by the matching grants will have to be in Khatlon or in GBAO. Some grants beneficiaries as for example tour operators, can register and have their main office in other areas in Tajikistan but they must operate in Khatlon or GBAO. Grants and matching grant funds will be used only for projects and investment in Khatlon and GBAO.

Documentation requirements by the Beneficiaries:

  1. individual farmers will need to present registration documents and land certificate;
  2. associations and formally registered groups will have to present registration documents; and
  3. individual entrepreneurs, MSMEs and NGOs will need to present registration documents, in addition to license (for some of the activities) and balance sheets.